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‘Children’ – a theme with plenty of options for this week’s Gallery. At my parents’ house this weekend, I took the opportunity to flick through some old photo albums. I’d intended to post about clothes handed down from child to child, with my brother and I in the same bright green, velour tracksuit and some snaps of my children wearing clothes handed down from big brother to little brother. Instead, I found something that really took me by surprise.

Here’s my two-year-old pulling his grumpy face, a face he’s been doing for nearly a year now.

Here, I discovered today, is where he gets it.

His expression straight from me, and his appearance so similar to my little brother. Isn’t it funny the ways we find ourselves in our children?

I’m expecting some varied interpretations of this week’s theme. You can see the rest of the posts here (link to follow!).


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This post is part of Silent Sunday at Mocha Beanie Mummy. One picture, no words.

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