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As I looked through my snapshots of 2010, there was a character who kept cropping up. He’d accompanied us through lots of our year, there for big moments and small.

My firstborn was no longer my little baby, and he moved to a big boy bed.

In April, a new arrival came to join him (although they don’t often share a bed!).

We’ve been out and about a lot around Durham over the summer. Here we are at the University’s Botanic Gardens – if you look closely you’ll see Buzz sitting next to the little one.

And here he is fooling around up a tree.

Exciting times… the toddler turned 2!

The baby slowly got bigger…

And the toddler’s play got more creative.

We’ve had some episodes of sickness that have been tough all round, but nothing a bit of rest and relaxation couldn’t fix.

The boys have almost started to play together as they’ve got bigger; this one isn’t strictly a Buzz shot, but here they are in the Toy Story tent.

And after all that, I’m ready for a rest!


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