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I have just spent the past hour or more searching the world wide web for grey t-shirts for my husband. He is 29, and is very aware of his upcoming 30th, although it is still almost ten months away. We had the following conversation last week:

Him: “I think I’m going to streamline my wardrobe, wear the same thing all the time. Grey t-shirts and blue jeans – the ‘Steve Jobs look'”. (He is a big Apple devotee.)

Me: “You mean the Simon Cowell look?”

Him: “Does Simon Cowell wear the same thing every day? Ok, then it’s a Simon Cowell look too. The look for people who have better things to do than think about what to wear every day. I’ve realised that all my t-shirts with ‘stuff’ on make me look like A and M [his brothers], and they both dress like they’re trying to look young.”

This is fine by me – I don’t really mind what he wears as long as he looks like a functioning member of society – although personally I don’t see anything wrong with a) thinking about what to wear every day (and enjoying it very much) and b) trying to look young (within reason).

This morning we had another conversation – he asked me very nicely and politely whether I could please prioritise his t-shirts when doing the laundry, as his office is currently too hot for shirts or long-sleeved t-shirts, and his collection of t-shirts does not last very long. Of course I took this as a personal slight against my level of laundry completion and overall housework success and general domestic goddess-ness and told him to piss off.

Yet here I am surfing the net for grey t-shirts – a harder job then I first thought (given our limited budget). I’ve ordered one from Lands’ End (on the premise that if he wants to dress like an old person, he will have to start shopping at old people’s shops) and three in various styles from Uniqlo. I shall see what he thinks before ordering more of the same or continuing the search – updates to follow.

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