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BabyD loves Toy Story. He loves Woody, he loves Rex and he especially loves Buzz Lightyear. So when I saw that our local cinema was screening Toy Story 3 at a special mother and baby session, for children under the age of three, I thought great, he’ll love it, let’s go.

It wasn’t his first trip to the cinema. I’d previously been to Bringing in Baby screenings at a cinema in town, but the last time we did that he was about six months old and happy to sit on my knee, feeding and sleeping. Now he is almost two and is happier running around, talking incessantly. But he loves Buzz so much, I thought, surely he’ll be transfixed throughout.

Not so. Our first error was getting to our seats ten minutes before the allotted start time. He was reasonably patient; luckily we had been to the library beforehand so I had a stack of new library books to keep him diverted. The first few minutes of adverts went brilliantly: he was indeed transfixed and I even tweeted that I had high hopes for the rest of the film. Sadly, my hopes were dashed. By half way through the trailers he was getting twitchy and when the film finally started (after half an hour of trailers and ads – what were they thinking?!) he was diverted for ten minutes or so.

His behaviour then descended (understandably, as he is, remember, not yet two years old) to climbing, whinging and asking to get past. Luckily the aisles were narrow enough that my strategically placed legs were enough to stop him rampaging past the sleeping three-year-old a few seats down. He got through drinks, various snacks and back to the books. A particularly garish one with plenty of flaps held his attention reasonably well in the semi-darkness. There was more climbing, then just as I attached the little one to my breast, BabyD started whimpering ‘stuck, stuck’. He had stood near the back of his chair and (this being a cinema) the seat had flipped up, wedging his feet down the back. I managed to retrieve him, minus one shoe, which I was unable to locate until the end credits.

Despite all of this, I was able to catch some of the film, which was marvellous. The quality of the animation compared to 15 years ago is simply astounding. Scenes are rich and detailed, which adds to the pace and authenticity. There is much to entertain hardcore fans, often with lines repeated verbatim from earlier movies (presumably to raise a smile in parents who have been subjected to them often enough to learn the dialogue by heart). Woody is the real star of the show; the perfect animation of his flailing, gangly limbs makes him utterly charming and hilariously funny.

The best moment for me was undoubtedly the last scene of the film. It was just beautiful and full of joy. It finally grabbed BabyD’s attention too and with him sat on one knee and BabyC sat on the other, I admit I shed a few tears thinking of all the wonderful playtime my boys have ahead of them, and of the day when they’ll grow up and leave home, learning to leave childish things behind.

I can’t wait for the DVD so that husband and I can watch it together and share plenty laughs and I few tears over a glass of wine or two. And my next trip to the cinema with BabyD and BabyC will probably be some time around 2014.

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