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It seems that there’s a bit of a toy/play theme developing on my blog this week. Yesterday we were building a house from a cardboard box, today I’ve photographed one of our favourite toys. If I can stay organised, hopefully there’ll be another toy-related post before the end of the week.

So, for this week’s Gallery – Shapes: our beautiful stacking cups. I think our first son got these for Christmas when he was around four months old. We’ve played with them since he could sit up. First I built them up and he knocked them down. Then he slowly learned to fit them together himself. Now he can read all the numbers, quickly stack them in the right order, and build towers for his little brother to knock down.

I love the detail in these cups. The hexagon shape at the top appears again in half-hexagons round the edge. The ‘square’ cup has squares round the edge, the ‘triangle’ cup has triangles… for some reason I find this all very pleasing.

Neat and tidy, a set of perfect circles.

I bet we’ll see some really interesting photography for this week’s Gallery; head over to Sticky Fingers to check it out.

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‘Children’ – a theme with plenty of options for this week’s Gallery. At my parents’ house this weekend, I took the opportunity to flick through some old photo albums. I’d intended to post about clothes handed down from child to child, with my brother and I in the same bright green, velour tracksuit and some snaps of my children wearing clothes handed down from big brother to little brother. Instead, I found something that really took me by surprise.

Here’s my two-year-old pulling his grumpy face, a face he’s been doing for nearly a year now.

Here, I discovered today, is where he gets it.

His expression straight from me, and his appearance so similar to my little brother. Isn’t it funny the ways we find ourselves in our children?

I’m expecting some varied interpretations of this week’s theme. You can see the rest of the posts here (link to follow!).

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The theme for this week’s Gallery is Mother Nature. The images I think of are all about blooming, new life: green shoots, baby lambs, the joys of spring and renewal. But up in the north, it’s still winter. So instead, I walked and I thought, and I saw lots of trees and bare branches. Beautiful in their own way.

As I looked at all the trees, I thought of images like this, remembered from old textbooks, and about the patterns in nature: shapes and ways of being repeat and replicate, tying nature together.

I’m sure there will be some unexpected interpretations of Mother Nature in this week’s Gallery; do check them out.

If my photos hadn’t come out right today, I had a different plan in mind: I was going to rewrite an old post, which has only ever had a few views. It’s about an ‘old road’ just outside of my village, which has been left to return to nature and has grass breaking through the tarmac and plants creeping over its edges. So if you’d like to see another interpretation of nature, you could view that post here.

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The Gallery has returned from it’s Christmas break with a challenging theme… body parts. I thought of photographing my husband’s ankles: the skinny left ankle contrasted with the shattered, scarred right, bulging in odd places with metal plates and pins hidden under the skin. But the story of how he jumped over a wall when the baby was six weeks old, through to still being bothered by pains seven months on… it’s not much fun, and it’s mostly in the past now.

I thought of posting a picture of the baby feeding, and writing about how after three years of pregnancy, breastfeeding or both, ‘body parts’ doesn’t instantly conjure up cheeky, sexy images to me. I know the Gallery can be a place for emotional posts, but I think I’ll save that discussion for another day.

So, I give you… the body of a chubby, cheery, 8 month old baby.

I’m really looking forward to the other posts this week; you can check them all out here.

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I’ve written before for the Gallery about sibling love. I love my brother so much, and I wondered whether my children would come to love each other more than they love me. Of course, it’s early days, and of course it’s not a competition, but I think they might. Nobody can make the baby’s face light up like his big brother can, and to hear my son exclaim “My baby brother! My give my baby brother a kiss” just melts my heart. Today we played peekaboo together, with the big one hiding behind the chair and me lifting the baby up to peer over the top and they both laughed and laughed at each other.

Being at home with two young children can have its hard moments, but when they’re playing and laughing together it’s the best thing in the world. This is happiness and this is love.

I wrote this post for The Gallery and I’m dying to check out the rest of the entries on Love. I bet this week there’ll be a whole range of moving, funny and beautiful posts.

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Christmas is fast approaching and, despite the fact that I’ve so far written two Christmas cards (and posted 0) I’m starting to feel a little festive. I’ve got two nights out planned this week, the toddler and I made a star for the top of the Christmas tree and my shopping is all done (I think!). When I saw that the theme for this week’s Gallery was ‘sparkle’, I thought “oh great, I could use some of those photos of the lovely sparkly baubles on our gorgeous Christmas tree… if only I hadn’t posted them last week!”. So, instead I’ve tried to do something in the party spirit…

And, because I love you all so much, for a special treat, here’s an extra hilarious shot of me: dressing gown on, hair unwashed, in my bathroom mirror to get the best light, one eye made up on a Sunday morning. The things I do for the Gallery!

If you like sparkle (and who doesn’t?) then check out the rest of the posts in this week’s Gallery.

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It’s been snowy, snowy, snowy this week. It seems like the entire country has been covered in a blanket of the white stuff. Here in our little pit village outside of Durham, it’s been seriously lame. My car was snowed in for the best part of last week. My toddler hates the sledge with a passion; I thought of blogging about our attempted mission for bread and an advent calendar, but frankly I was too traumatised. A kindly old lady had to carry my baby home through the semi-blizzard while I carried a wailing toddler – enough said. Luckily my Dad came and picked us up from the end of the street on Saturday, bringing us back home on Sunday – apart from that I haven’t been further than my street in over a week. It has hardly snowed here for two days now and I’m delighted. I’m even more delighted by the forecast for later in the week – by Thursday it might actually start to melt!

So, given that I’m now thoroughly fed up with the snow (and because I already posted some photos of it way back when I was feeling the snow love), I decided to take some different shots for the White theme for this week’s Gallery. Keeping in mind that I’m stuck in the house, my options were a bit limited! So I give you ‘textures of white’.

So, there we have it. Maybe a little boring, but I tell you what – this week, I’ve been pretty darned bored! I’m off to check out this week’s Gallery. Maybe I’ll see some things that aren’t snow, or if not, I’m sure the snow photos will be so good, I might even start to like it a little again.

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