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Only 4 days now until Baby2 is due to make his/her appearance. BabyD arrived at 39+5, so if Baby2 follows the same plan then we could be a family of four by Saturday.

I’m feeling strangely well at the moment: not too tired, ankles not too swollen, and about as organised as I usually am – so does this mean that I’ll be going overdue? Or perhaps that I’m going to give birth without actually feeling rough beforehand?

The hospital bag is almost completely packed (waiting for my most comfortable/knackered old trousers to come out of the laundry) – although I do need to pack an overnight bag for BabyD to take with him to Granny and Grandad’s house. The tiny white and yellow baby clothes are washed, dried and neatly folded, ready to bring baby home. Perhaps I should think about putting some bedding on the crib and moses basket…

The various baby slings are ready and waiting – and I am very excited about this :). Since being pregnant I’ve had to stop carrying BabyD, and have several lovely slings that have been in hibernation for too long. Expect pictures and reports on our successes (hopefully) and trials with the Moby wrap, Freehand mei-tai, Connecta, Hotsling pouch and the newly purchased and not yet tested Wilkinet.

You can also expect, hopefully, some lighthearted posts about breastfeeding etiquette and fashion. The £1.50 Primark vests are ready to be worn under all clothing! BabyD was an excellent feeder, going into 3-6 month-sized clothes at around 6 weeks and continuing to feed for 15 months. I’m not naive enough to think that things will be as simple and instantly successful with Baby2 (especially as the uninterrupted feeding sessions are likely to be replaced with baby/toddler juggling) but at the moment I’m staying optimistic.

So, bring it on. The next post you read may well be about the birth of Baby2!

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